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Web Designer · UX Designer · UI Designer · Mobile Application Developer

About me

Possessing dual master’s degrees in Robotics Engineering and Educational Management, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and educational leadership to my professional endeavors.

With a diverse career journey encompassing roles as an engineer, computer science educator, and educational administrator, I have acquired a multifaceted skill set adaptable to various contexts.

As an engineer, I leveraged cutting-edge technologies to solve complex problems, demonstrating proficiency in both hardware and software development.

Transitioning to the field of education, I have passionately imparted knowledge as a computer science teacher, fostering critical thinking and digital literacy among students.

In my managerial role, I have demonstrated strategic vision and effective decision-making, driving organizational growth and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within educational institutions.

I am now embarking on a new journey as a UX/UI designer, striving to develop intuitive interfaces and products for people around the world.

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Last courses
UX/UI Designer

Go-IT Education


Office 365

Teacher Academy MicroSoft

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021


Kharkiv Financial and Economic Institute


Skills & Tools

Technical skills:
Development of websites and web applications.
Working with databases
Knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
Pedagogical skills:
Development of educational programs and courses
Organization and conduct of educational classes, lectures, seminars.
Evaluation and reporting on the educational process.
Mentoring and support of students and teachers.
Management skills:
Planning and organization of work processes
Project management and team management
Development of development strategies and implementation of new initiatives
Analysis of results and evaluation of activity efficiency.
UX/UI Design Skills
Using design tools
Development of user interfaces for websites and mobile applications
Understanding the principles of usability and user experience
Design prototyping and testing
Learning Management Systems
Programs for planning and project management
Tools for reporting and data analysis
Programs for design and prototyping


With a focus on efficiency, strong social skills, and flexibility, I have successfully navigated managerial responsibilities and collaborated in team settings across different organizations and roles.

Work experience

Teaching workshop at Universitet Agder, Kristiansand, Norway | Assistant

10.2022 – 08.2023

Key achievements:

  1. Increasing the academic level
  2. Development of research skills
  3. Intercultural cooperation
  4. Creation of new educational materials

Department of Education, Romny, Sumy region, Ukraine | Head of department for the department for professional development of teachers

09.2018 – 09.2022

Key achievements:

  1. Development and implementation of professional development programs.
  2. Organization of educational events and seminars.
  3. Creation of a professional communication network.
  4. Implementation of innovative teaching methods.
  5. Partnership with other educational institutions.
  6. Monitoring and evaluation of results.

College Kyiv National University, School # 11, Romny, Ukraine | computer science teacher

03.1998 – 08.2000

Key achievements:

  1. Curriculum Development.
  2. Student Engagement Initiatives.
  3. Academic Excellence.
  4. Integration of Technology.
  5. Professional Development.
  6. Community Outreach.
  7. Student Mentoring and Support.

Education Background

Sumy Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, Ukraina 

Management of the educational institution | Completed in 2018

Sumy State University, Ukraine 

Production automation. Robotic systems and complexes | Completed in 1995